If you have an existing list of customers, you can import them quickly and easily with the CSV import function.

To access this, go to Customers, and click on Import under the left dropdown menu.

A popup will appear where you can upload your CSV file.

There are a few limits to customer import by CSV:

  • The file itself must be less than 1 MB.
  • Only 1000 records can be imported at a single time. To import more than 1000 records, you will need to split up your file into separate files.
  • The first line of the file must contain the column names (eg. first_name, last_name, email).
  • Each customer record must have an email address. For records without an email address, Cartfunnel can attempt to generate an email alias based on your account email address.

Note: It is not recommended to import customers without email addresses as future orders (via the web checkout) will not be associated with the imported customer account.

The accepted column values are as follows:

Column Value Expected
accepts_marketing true or false
email string
last_name string
first_name string
note string
tax_exempt true or false
address_first_name string
address_last_name string
address1 string
address2 string
company string
city string
province string (full name of province or state)
country_name string (full name of country)
zip string
phone string
tags comma separated string

Once you upload your CSV file, you’ll have a chance to review the records to be imported. Click on Import to begin.

After several moments, you can refresh the page and review which records are successfully imported:

For records that fail to import, a reason is given. Typically it will be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Invalid email
  • Duplicate email