To get an idea of Cartfunnel’s discount code system and what it can do, please refer to our introduction about discount codes first.

You can access the discount codes section of your account by clicking on the menu item Discounts in the admin.

Discount menu option

Next, click on the Add Discount button on the upper right hand side of the page.

You’ll see various input fields to configure the discount settings:

Discount settings input field

Fixed Amount vs Percentage vs Free Shipping

You can configure your discount code to offer various types of discounts. Your can offer a fixed amount off the order, a percentage amount, or free shipping.

Depending on which option you choose, the menu and form field options will change to allow you to configure the coupon appropriately.

Discount Code

A discount code text is automatically generated for you — you can replace this with your own custom code (eg. BLACKFRIDAY10OFF).

Note: Each code must be unique. This is to ensure that customers can’t use an expired code. For example, you cannot create a code like HOLIDAY, and then, once it is expired, you cannot create another code using HOLIDAY.

Minimum Order Amount

If you want the coupon to apply to all orders, regardless of the order amount, enter 0 (zero). The amount you enter here applies to only the items added to the cart and does not include the taxes, shipping, or other costs.

Apply Discount Before Tax Calculations?

You can set whether the discount is applied before or after tax.

If you’re selling a product where tax calculations are not calculated, leave this empty.

Duration of the discount

You will need to set when this particular discount is applicable. If the coupon does not have an expiration date, set the Ends at date to a very far off date into the future (eg. 2030 as the year).

Usage Limit

You can specify how many times the coupon can used globally.

If you set this as 1 (one), then it can only be used once by any customer across your entire store. Alternatively, if you set it as 10 (ten), then it can be used 10 times in total across your entire store.

When you select Applies only to a single item per order, the discount will only apply to the first item in the customer’s shopping cart.

When you select Applies once per customer, then the discount can only be used once per customer. So say if you have the global usage limit as 10 and you’ve selected Applies once per customer, then it can be used once by 10 different customers.

Limit Discount to Resource

You also have the option to limit the discount’s usage if only certain products or collection of products are added to the shopping cart.