Cartfunnel gives you an easy way to create discount codes that you can use to motivate customers to complete their purchases.

There are 3 types of discounts you can offer:

  • Fixed amount
  • Percentage amount
  • Free shipping


Stackable Discount Coupon Codes

Discounts are stackable — in other words, Cartfunnel allows customers to use multiple discount codes within an order, as long as the code is applicable (eg. order amount, item is in the cart, etc).

Discount Validation

Cartfunnel also checks for coupon code validity. Say you have a coupon code that is only valid if the order total is $100, and then later during the checkout process the customer’s order is less than $100 (eg. by removing an item from the cart), the coupon code will be invalidated and the discount will not be applied.

Discount Limits

Discount codes limits can be set at the time you create the code:

  • Number of times a code can be used
  • When the code is valid (eg. Between May 1 and May 30)
  • Number of times it can be used per customer
  • Number of items it can be applied against
  • Validity only if certain items are in the cart

Discounts Before & After Tax

Typically, you would want to apply the discount before tax. However, there are certain cases where you want to apply it after tax.

In these scenarios, you can let Cartfunnel know to first calculate all applicable taxes, and then subtract the discount from the subtotal + tax amount.


An important feature of discount codes is that each code must be unique. This is to ensure that customers can’t use an expired code. For example, you cannot create a code that says BLACKFRIDAY, and then, once it is expired, you cannot create another discount using the same code BLACKFRIDAY.

Read our guide on how to create discount codes.