You can login to your Cartfunnel account with your Google login:

To set this up, you can click on Sign in with Google on the login screen. Once you authorize Cartfunnel to use your Google Account for authentication, you’ll need to login to your Cartfunnel account to link it up to your Google Account.

Another way to set up the link is by going to your Profile page:

There, you’ll see a box where you can connect to your Google Account:

Once you’ve authorized Cartfunnel to use your Google Account, Cartfunnel will ask you for authentication once more to verify that you indeed want to associate the accounts for login purposes:

You must enter your password to confirm this step. Alternatively, you have the option to login to another Cartfunnel account (in the event that you’re using multiple accounts).

Good to know: Each Google Account can only be associated with a single Cartfunnel account.

If you have two-factor authentication set up (and we do recommend it), it will still remain active. Once you login with your Google Account credentials, Cartfunnel will still ask you for authentication by your secondary method.