In order to maximize the security of your account, we recommend enabling 2 Factor Authentication for your personal login.

To begin, go to your personal Profile page where you’ll be able to edit your login settings:

Under security settings, you’ll see a link for you to enable 2 Factor Authentication:

A popup will appear with a QR code that you need to scan into the Google Authenticator app.

Download links for the Google Authenticator app:

Once you enter a successful verification code, 2 Factor Authentication will be activated on your account.

Don’t forget to save the recovery scratch codes!

You can be locked out of your account if you lose your 2 Factor Authentication device. In order to prevent this from happening, Cartfunnel generates 10 one-time use recovery scratch codes.

Save these codes in a secured place, and you can use these codes in place of the dynamically generated code from the Google Authenticator App.

IMPORTANT: Scratch codes do not expire unless you deactivate and reactivate your 2 Factor Authentication. Keep these codes secure as intruders who know them will have equivalent access to possessing your 2 Factor Authentication device.