You can allow your customers to view their orders and manage their subscriptions (if you sell recurring billing products) in your customer portal.

Your customer portal page is located at the /portal subdirectory of your site. For example, if your Cartfunnel URL is, your portal would be at

In order for your portal to appear, you must activate it in the backend. To activate your portal, hover your mouse over Checkouts, and a link to the Portal will appear:

What can customers do in the portal?

The portal has a number of built in functionalities.

For orders, customers can:

  • View previous orders

For subscriptions, customers can:

  • View current and past subscriptions
  • Cancel subscriptions
  • Reschedule subscriptions
  • Update billing and shipping addresses in subscriptions
  • Update credit card information on subscriptions
  • Add/remove items from subscriptions

Not all these functions need to be active. You can remove functionalities to fit your business by removing the appropriate template contents in the portal template editor.

How do customers login?

Customers need to have an existing customer record in your Cartfunnel store. Once they do, there are 2 options to login:

  • Creating a password
  • Integrated auto-login (eg. Shopify)

If you’re planning on using the Cartfunnel customer portal as the primary customer account area, then you should prompt your customers to create a new account once they complete their order.

If you’re integrating Cartfunnel into an existing store such as through Shopify, then it’s better to use the integrated login option. With this, your customers will not have to create another account (with another password to remember), but you can “link up” the login process so that authenticated customers on your website can be automatically logged into their Cartfunnel portal.

Currently, the auto-login integration is only available for Shopify stores.