While platforms like Shopify or Big Commerce is one way to sell online, sometimes you just want to offer an URL link to your customers so that they can complete the checkout right away — all without navigating through your site.

You can do this with Cartfunnel’s direct add-to-cart link feature.

To access this, go to the product for which you want to generate links. On the right hand side, you’ll see a Product Link Generator box.

The link contained within, when copy and pasted into the browser URL, will automatically add to cart the product and its corresponding variant.

Note: If your product has different variants, let’s say, for sizes of a clothing, then an unique product link is generated for each one. Each link corresponds to a single variant.

You can also modify the link to include a specific number of quantity or, if it has subscription settings, to include a subscription.

What is this feature good for?

This feature is particularly useful if you’re selling goods on Facebook posts or on your YouTube, and you want the customer to complete the checkout as easily as possible by adding the product directly to the cart.