You can add new products to Cartfunnel by clicking on Products, and Add Product. If you like using keyboard shortcuts, you can press p n and it will take you to the new product form as well.

You will be presented with a new product form that looks like this:

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Once there, you need to add a name to the product. This is the minimum amount of information you need to create a new product listing.

You can also customize the following:

  • Price
  • Add variants (eg. size, colour, etc)
  • Add pictures
  • Add tags
  • Add vendor

Once you’re done, click on Save.

Each product has a unique add to cart URL, which you can forward to your customers (or paste in a social media post) to allow your customers to checkout with the product directly. Read more about it Add to Cart Link guide.

If you’re interested in adding recurring billing (ie. subscriptions) to your product, please refer to our Adding Subscription Products guide.