Your Cartfunnel account comes with a built in customer portal. The portal comes with fully customizable Liquid templates.

To learn more about what objects are available, please refer to our Liquid Object reference.

Although we generally recommend that you stick with a single customer portal, it’s possible that your existing customer database in Shopify is so well established that it makes it difficult to ask your customers to create another account on the Cartfunnel platform.

In these circumstances, we’ve created a small Shopify app that allows Cartfunnel to authenticate users in Shopify automatically, and have them login to your Cartfunnel portal so that they can manage their subscriptions.

To do so, you must install our conduit app by going — in the Cartfunnel dashboard — to Integrations, and clicking on Shopify.

On that page, you’ll see a button to install the conduit app:

Once you click Install, it will bring you to Shopify where you’ll need to approve the installation of the app itself.

After it’s done, you can place a link anywhere in your Shopify theme pages to allow for customers to login.

An example of the code you might use is as follows:

{% if customer %}
  <a href="{{ }}">Manage Your Subscription</a>
{% endif %}

Please contact support if you need help with this.