To create a subscription for a customer manually, you will first need to create an order from which the subscription will be based.

Once you have an order, you can click on the Build Subscription button from within the order details page:

A modal window will appear that will let you choose which order line item products to add to this subscription:

To add a product to the subscription, ensure that the checkbox next to the product is selected. You can also specify the quantity and price.

Click Save, and the subscription will be created:

You’ll be able to edit the subscription similar to how you can edit an order. For example, you can:

  • Modify shipping
  • Modify the taxes
  • Modify the line item prices

In addition, you can add tags to the subscription, which will propagate to each order that is generated from this subscription in the future. This will help you keep your subscriptions organized. For more information about subscription tags, please refer to our tagging product subscriptions guide.