You can send reminder emails within Cartfunnel to your customers who are about to have subscription renewals. Reminder notices are specified on a per-subscription basis.

Example: John Doe might have 2 subscriptions on your system — A and B. Subscription A can be set to send reminders 7 days in advance, and Subscription B is set for 10 days in advance.

When are emails sent?

You can specify how many days in advance the emails are to be sent. This number is calculated from the next scheduled order date, which can be found in the customer’s subscription detail page:

So in this example from the above screenshot, 7 days in advance would be November 3, 2017.

How to modify the settings?

To change the settings for an individual’s subscription, go to the Customer Detail page, and scroll down to the bottom where you’ll see the subscriptions he or she has. Click on the subscription, and scroll to the bottom where you’ll see the reminder settings:

Can I specify all subscriptions to send reminders?

For new subscriptions, you can specify the system to set reminders on all new subscriptions. By default, the reminders go out 7 days in advance:

Note that existing subscriptions will not be updated even if you change this setting later on, as it will change your preferences which you might have set in the past.

How do I customize the email that gets sent out?

The email that gets sent out is generated from the subscription reminder template, which can be found in SettingsEmail Settings:

The usual Liquid object references are there to help you generate dynamic content within the email itself.