For certain subscriptions, you may want Cartfunnel to automatically substitute the subscription’s line items (ie. products) with each cycle.

For example:

  • Cycle #1 – T-shirt with style A
  • Cycle #2 – Change to T-shirt with style B
  • Cycle #3 – Continue T-shirt with style B
  • Cycle #4 – Change to T-shirt with style C

This automatic switching out products is laborious as you begin to have more subscriptions. As well, if you’re operating with a business model where your customers can “queue up” different products in their subscription, you’ll want to allow your customers to define what they want in future orders. Variable line items allow you to set the schedule of products in advance.

Understanding Subscription Cycles

To get started with variable line items, you first need to understand how subscription cycles work.

The Current Cycle represents the number of times the subscription has already been triggered. When a customer first places an order, this counts as cycle 1.

The Next Cycle shows you the next subscription cycle count, and when this order will be created automatically.

If you manually trigger a new subscription order, these cycle counts will change at that time once the order is processed.

Getting started with variable line items

First, go to an existing customer subscription. In the cycles section, you’ll see the customer’s subscription cycles.

Click on Add variable line items, and you will see a modal:

Select the product you want by typing the name of your product. The search screen will show you a list of possible matches.

Enter the quantity and price you want.

Note: If you set a discount on the cycle as well, the discounts will be applied on top of this price.