Custom Domain

You can connect a custom domain to your Cartfunnel checkout. By default, your checkout can be accessed at By using a custom domain, your checkout experience can give your customers a more seamless experience with your store.

To use a custom domain, we recommend that you use a subdomain, and not your root domain. A subdomain is the prefix that precedes your root domain. For example, for the domain, a subdomain would be

Good choices for a checkout subdomain might be:


Adding a domain

To get started, first you will need some make some DNS setting changes at your domain registrar or wherever it is that you host your domain name.

Create a new CNAME for your subdomain and point it to

Next, go back to Cartfunnel and click on Settings and on Setup custom domain.

Click on Add domain to add a new domain:

Note: It is important that you’ve already created the CNAME record as described above for your custom domain. The next step will verify your custom domain’s configuration at your registrar. If you did not set the CNAME correctly, the next step will fail.

A popup will appear where you will enter your custom domain:

When you click on Verify, Cartfunnel will check your CNAME set up and will attempt to obtain a new SSL certificate.

If successful, you will see your custom domain in the list of your domains:

You can have multiple domains pointing to your checkout. However, note that you can only have one current domain. The current domain is used to generate the URLs in emails and other templates within the Cartfunnel system. Multiple domains are useful for customizing your customer portal pages, for example.

Deleting a custom domain

To remove a domain, simply click Delete. Note that this may break your checkout pages as you may be referencing your existing domain from multiple places (eg. your Shopify store). Be careful when removing domains and make sure that you’ve added a new one to your Cartfunnel account and migrated over any referencing URLs before removing the old one.

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