Customers are where your customers’ information is saved. A new customer record is automatically created when a new order is placed through the web checkout. All orders must belong to a customer.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • Each customer can have multiple addresses
  • A customer’s email is the unique identifying information
  • Customer information is not synchronized to Shopify, but a corresponding customer record (either new or an existing one) is created in Shopify when an order is exported

Managing customer records

In most cases, you do not need to manually create customer records. New customers are automatically added when they complete a checkout. However, you may need to create a new record if you’re manually creating an order.

To create a new record, click on Customers and then on Add Customer. A form will appear for you to complete:

Note: The minimum amount of information required is the email address. The email address must be unique amongst all your customers.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to click Save.

Unified customer login: Cartfunnel has a feature where your customers can login through their existing Shopify account into the customer portal that is hosted on Cartfunnel. Take a look at our customer portal set up guide to learn more.

Customers cannot be deleted once created. This is to ensure that corresponding orders and subscriptions are not accidentally removed.

Organizing customers with tags

We recommend that you segment customers using tags:

Each tag can be separated using a comma (,). Remember to click Save.

Viewing customer orders and subscriptions

As your customers create orders and recurring billing subscriptions, click on the individual customer record to view all associated orders and subscriptions:

Creating a new order from a customer

At the top of each customer record is a link to create a new order manually. Using this button will pre-populate order information from that customer on the order entry form.

Click on Create Order to quickly create a new order from a specific customer

Searching for customers

One of the things you might do often is look up a specific customer. Cartfunnel’s search bar at the top of the dashboard will help you quickly find customers:

If you don’t know your customer’s exact name or email, don’t worry. The system will try its best to figure out the best match and show you the corresponding results.

Tip: Having trouble finding your customer? Try to broaden the search by using fewer characters.

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