Discounts represent coupon codes you provide to your customers which they could enter during the checkout process.

Discount codes are useful for providing incentives to your customers to complete their checkout processes as well as help track conversions from different sources (eg. coupons distributed through a magazine or a specific website).

Creating a discount

To create a discount, go to Discounts and click on Add discount. A form will appear where you can configure the discount.

Discount codes can be of three types:

  • Free shipping discount
  • Absolute amount discount
  • Percentage amount discount

Free shipping discounts will discount the entire shipping cost. Absolute amount discounts will subtract a pre-set amount from the order. Percentage amount discount will subtract a percentage of the order’s total.

Absolute and percentage discounts can be set to be either a pre-tax or post-tax discount. Pre-tax discounts mean that the subtraction happens before tax is added to the total. Post-tax discounts mean that the subtraction happens after tax is added.

Note: In most cases, you will want to use pre-tax discounts as customers will expect the discount to also discount the applicable tax by a proportionate amount.

By default, Cartfunnel will generate an unique discount code for you. You can choose to use this code or create one yourself.

You can create an unlimited number of discount codes, but the codes themselves have to be unique. This means that if you have a discount code of “BLACKFRIDAY”, you cannot use it again in the future once that discount code is removed or expired. The system is designed to do this in order to prevent old discount codes from being abused by customers.

Tip: In order to manage discount codes effectively for holidays and other recurring events, we recommend that you add a suffix to the code. For example, BLACKFRIDAY2019 could be used for 2019, and BLACKFRIDAY2020 could be used the following year.

Discount codes can also be limited in a number of ways:

  • Applicable only if certain products are in the shopping cart
  • Limited number of use
  • Expiration after a certain date

Limiting discount codes based on added products

A useful scenario in which you want to provide discount codes might be when you want to run a special on a new or existing product. For instance, you might be trying to clear your existing inventory and want to offer a 20% discount. In this case, you want to ensure that your customers will only get 20% discount and on the applicable product only.

To limit the discount to a single product, you must enter the applicable product ID, which can be found by going to the product detail page under Products

Select Product in the Limit Discount to Resource and the product ID into Resource ID.

Limiting discount codes on usageYou can limit the number of times a discount code has been used by entering a number under Usage limits.

This can be further customized by specifying if the discount only applies to a single item. When this is selected, Cartfunnel will automatically deduct the highest value item in the case of a percentage discount.

Discount codes can also be limited to be used once per customer. Customer uniqueness is determined by the customer’s inputted email address. The system is not able to check if a customer is unique by other means (eg. IP address).

Limiting discount codes between certain dates

Lastly, discount codes can be limited to be used between specific dates and times. The times are localized to the time zone that you set under General Settings.

Disabling discount codes

You can manually disable discount codes by clicking on the Disable button next to each discount code. Once disabled, a discount code cannot be reactivated.

Be careful! If you disable a discount code accidentally, that discount code will no longer be able to be reactivated. If you’re running a promotional campaign, it is best to let the discount code run to its end before disabling it early.

Viewing disabled, depleted, and expired codes

In addition to the currently active discount codes page, you can view discount codes that are no longer valid.

  • Disabled discount codes were manually disabled (by you)
  • Depleted discount codes were used up (eg. usage limit)
  • Expired discount codes are no longer valid due to the date

Discount code settings

You can also let customers “stack” discount codes. Useful scenarios might be allowing a free shipping code as well as a percentage discount code.

To activate this feature, go to Discounts and Settings.

Note that stacking does not permit the use of multiple code types. In order words, the system will not allow multiple percentage discounts or absolute discounts.

Warning: Be careful about allowing coupon code stacking as customers may find ways to abuse this feature.

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