Email Templates

Email templates are the emails that Cartfunnel sends for you. We handle a number of outbound emails for the typical ordering lifecycle, such as:

  • Order confirmation
  • Order cancellation
  • Order refund
  • Order invoice (draft order that is unpaid)
  • Payment failure (for recurring billing)
  • Recurring billing/subscription reminder
  • Abandoned cart email sequence

Editing email templates

To edit an email template, click on the email template you want to modify:

Each template can accept Liquid syntax both inside the email’s content (body) and in the subject line:

Remember to click on Save Template once you’re done editing. To preview what the email looks like, click on Preview.

Abandoned cart email sequence

Cartfunnel can send a sequence of abandoned cart emails to help recover customers who do not complete the checkout process.

To get started, click on New abandoned email template. You can specify when the email gets sent out and what the specific email content and subject line will be:

Similar to other email templates, Liquid syntax is accepted in both the subject line and in the email’s body content.

You can also specify when you want the email to be sent out. Generally speaking, you will want the each individual emails to be spaced sufficiently apart, such as:

  • 60 minutes after cart is abandoned
  • 24 hours after cart is abandoned

Note: Abandoned cart email sequences only begin if the customer has provided an email address during the checkout process. If the customer did not provide an email address (ie. did not go past the customer information page), then no abandoned cart sequence can be initiated.

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