Orders received through the checkout pages or generated by Cartfunnel are shown under Orders.

Keyboard shortcut: shift + o

Each order is represented by a row:

Viewing orders

Manually creating an order

Keyboard shortcut: o n

You can manually create an order by clicking on Add Order. A form will appear where you can enter the customer’s information and add line items to the order.

You can also add:

  • Notes
  • Shipping
  • Tax
  • Tags

Click on Save, and the order will be saved as a draft order. A draft order is one where you are still working on the order and can make further modifications. Once an order is processed by Mark as Paid or Pay by Credit Card, then no further modifications can be made to it.

Adding discounts, shipping, and taxes

When an order is in draft mode, all aspects of the order are still editable. This includes:

  • Discounts
  • Shipping
  • Taxes

If you need to modify any of these properties, do so before accepting payment using Mark as Paid or Pay by Credit Card. Once an order is processed, these attributes cannot be changed.

Clicking on any of the hyperlinks (as shown in the above screenshot) will bring up a popup that allows you to edit the values.

For example, clicking on Add Discount, you will see the following modal popup:

Emailing an invoice

You can email an invoice to your customer by clicking on the Email Invoice button:

Clicking on this button will present you with the option to customize your email message before you send it:

You can also send the invoice using the generic template that’s available in the email template settings.

Viewing an order’s invoice

Each order comes with an invoice page, which you can view within the dropdown by clicking on the upper right hand corner:

To ensure that the invoice can only be viewed by the customer, a verification email check is required. You will need to copy and paste the customer’s email address in order to view the invoice.

An example of the invoice page:

Duplicating orders

You may wish to duplicate an existing order. This is useful in cases where everything about the order is the same for the new order. For example, an existing customer wants to re-order an old order using the existing credit card.

To duplicate an order, use the dropdown from the upper right hand side of the Order detail page:

When you duplicate an order, everything about the order is duplicated including the customer, the billing and shipping address, and all line items.

Tip: Make sure you double check the discounts, shipping rates, and taxes when you duplicate an order.

Orders finalization from the checkout pages

When an order is received through your checkout pages, the source of the order is marked as Web.

Cartfunnel also allows for a period of time from when the customer has clicked Pay and when payment is captured. This allows the order to be modified (eg. adding post purchase upsells by the customer) before the order is exported to Shopify.

This is called order finalization.

By default, an order is left open for about 30 minutes. You can narrow this time window, but note that order finalization settings of less than 12 minutes will automatically turn off post purchase upsells as it leaves too little time for customers to act on any post purchase offers.

To modify the finalization time window, go to Settings and select the amount of time you want the system to wait before capturing the final payment:

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