Quantity Discounts

Quantity Discounts allow you to specify a lower price per unit of a product when a customer adds a set quantity to their shopping cart.

Typical use cases might be:

  • Buy one and get one at 50% off
  • Buy 10 and get 10% off

Setup quantity discounts

To set up quantity discount levels, select the product and scroll to Quantity Pricing.

On the following page, click on Add quantity price break. Each “quantity price break” level represents the number of quantity a product must exist within a cart for that price to apply.

It is assumed that the “base level” is the price for quantities of 1. You need to define a price level here that is greater than one (eg. 2). Finally, specify the unit price (ie. the price for one item) at that quantity level.

Example: Say the base price is $100, but when the customer buys 2 or more, they get 10% off. Your minimum quantity here would be 2 (as the quantity price break level) and the unit price would be $90. The $90 per unit would apply to both the first and second item. If you want to set it as $100 for the first item and $90 for the second, you will need to enter the average of the two items here instead (ie. $95).

Once you have entered the quantity price break level and the price for that level, click Save and you will see the updated table:

What you’ll notice here is that the price you set per quantity level can be configured per variant. In other words, you don’t need to set the same price.

Let’s take a look at some additional use cases and how to set them up.

How to set up Buy One Get One 50% off

This is an especially difficult pricing set up in Shopify (the buy one get one for 50% off pricing). With Cartfunnel, you can do this by creating a number of pricing levels as follows using the same instructions from above:

Say your basic unit has a price of $100.

  • Minimum quantity of 2 – specify a unit price of $75 (total of $150 for 2)
  • Minimum quantity of 3 – specify a unit price of $83.33 (total of $250 for 3, where only the second unit receives the 50% off)
  • Minimum quantity of 4 – specify a unit price of $75 total of $300 for 4)
  • And so on…

To put a limit on the quantity that a customer can buy with any discount, you can specify an additional price level where the price goes back to normal:

  • Minimum quantity of 5 – specify a unit price of $100

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