Partner Program

Coming soon — Spring/Summer 2019

Note: This program will be retroactive to January 1st, 2019 once it is launched. Any accumulated amount (prior to the beginning of the program) will be paid out when the program is officially launched.

What is the Partner Program?

We recognize the importance of development and design agencies in helping Shopify store owners create professional and engaging experiences for customers. In the past, we’ve worked with many fine design and development professionals who have brought their clients to the Cartfunnel platform.

The partner program is designed to recognize our commitment in working with our partners throughout the development process by providing an ongoing compensation for any new Cartfunnel accounts that are referred to us by our partners.

What are the benefits of the program?

Merchants want to add ever increasing functionalities to their online stores. Cartfunnel enables designers and developers to quickly add new functionalities without needing to start the development process from scratch. Moreover, you can rely on the robust and ever improving Cartfunnel platform.

All referred stores are paid an ongoing referral of 25% of the monthly account fee. For annual payments, the total paid amount is divided into 12 and 25% of the divided amount is paid out over the 12 month period.

Good to know: We do not require partners to continue referring new accounts for the payments to continue.

And finally, our partner program is designed for design and development partners only and not for affiliate professionals. All applications to our program are manually verified for approval.

Are there other revenue opportunities?

Cartfunnel’s platform is uniquely designed to allow merchants to customize their checkout. As such, many opportunities exist for you to provide continued services in helping merchants improve their funnels and the optimization of their checkout pages.

Cartfunnel comes with a built-in messenger widget that enables merchants to ask for customization quotes:

When an account is partner referred, customization requests will flow through the system and will be forwarded to the partner where they get first priority to respond to the customization request. If a partner declines the request, the request is then opened up to other partners to provide quotes.

How do I apply?

We will announce the details of the program at this URL ( when the partner program is launched.

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